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Murdock London Pre Shave Oil 50mL

Murdock London Pre Shave Oil 50mL

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The first step to the smoothest shave of your life.

By using our best men's Pre Shave Oil, your facial hair will be softened and prepared for a clean, sharp shave.

100% Natural Oils ensure a smooth, less irritating shave even on even the most sensitive skin or thickest hair.

It’s no secret that regular shaving is great for a well put together appearance but can be harsh on the skin, particularly around the sensitive jaw area. To avoid sore skin, irritation and a reddened complexion, simply apply Pre Shave Oil and allow the natural oils to prepare skin and hair for a faultless shave. This Pre Shave Oil is particularly effective for those with a thick and coarse beard as it softens the facial hair before the shave begins, meaning your razor will glide smoothly along your skin.

Packaged in a handy pump bottle and with a little going a very long way, this product is an absolute must-have for your shaving routine. Use at home for a luxurious shaving experience or use on the go for even a quick tidy up around the edges with a completely luxurious feel.

It's time to stop shaving feel like a chore.