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OLIVIE Plus 30x Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.45 FL OZ

OLIVIE Plus 30x Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.45 FL OZ

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OLIVIE PLUS 30x is so rich in polyphenols, especially in hydroxytyrosol the most potent of all antioxidants. it is an organic certified olive oil recommended by many highly reputed Medical Doctors!
A SUPER FOOD - the richest olive oil in terms of polyphenols (30 times more antioxidants hydroxytyrosol compared to any regular extra virgin olive oil). This is a worldwide innovation. For diabetes, this unique oil is capable to lower by 30% the sugar rate after just 2 weeks of intake ! 

The laboratory analysis of OLIVIE PLUS 30x extra virgin olive oil showed it is naturally richer in polyphenols with a total of around 1200 mg/Kg. Particularly in Hydroxytyrosol, the most potent of all polyphenols, it has a concentration of around 233 mg/kg (compared to 7 mg/Kg for a regular olive oil on average), and also in Tyrosol, with a richness of around 161 mg/kg.

The story behind our products is unique:  

We produce the OLIVIE products from suffering olive trees in a rocky desert. Because of high temperatures (up to 126°F in summer), a lot of rocks in the soil making the trees not able to grow their roots to look for nutrients, nearly no rain throughout the year, our olive trees stress and think they will die. This survival mode triggers a self-defense mechanism through which they produce abnormally high quantity of antioxidants. We think these polyphenols, born because of this harsh environment, are more active, more potent and this is the main reason why we obtained excellent results (illustrated by the clinical studies we made) for anti-inflammation, anti-pain, anti-diabetic effect, and anti-microbial.

INGREDIENTS: Organic certified extra virgin olive oil very high in polyphenols.