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nuBioAge DIHEXA 30 Capsules
nuBioAge DIHEXA 30 Capsules

nuBioAge DIHEXA 30 Capsules

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DIHEXA, a synthetic peptide designed to significantly enhance cognitive functions. Each capsule contains 10mg of Dihexa, packaged in bottles of 30 capsules. Specifically formulated to cross the blood-brain barrier, promoting the growth of new neurons and synapses, which are crucial for cognitive enhancement.

Mechanism of Action

Dihexa functions by increasing the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a key protein involved in the growth, maintenance, and survival of neurons. The peptide facilitates the formation of new synapses and enhances the plasticity of existing neuronal connections, which are essential processes for learning and memory. It also helps facilitate new blood vessel growth in the brain.

Healthcare providers may be interested in Dihexa for several reasons including: 

Enhanced Focus and Cognitive Clarity: The peptide's ability to significantly increase BDNF levels plays a central role here, as BDNF is essential for supporting the survival and growth of neurons, and for facilitating synaptic plasticity, which is the brain's ability to adapt to new information

Memory Improvement: Memory enhancement through Dihexa is linked to its potent neurogenic effects, which are several orders of magnitude stronger than BDNF alone. By binding to and activating HGF, this promotes the formation of dendritic spines, which are crucial for memory storage and retrieval. This action not only helps in forming new memory pathways but also strengthens existing ones, thereby improving both short-term and long-term memory capabilities

Reduction of Brain Fog: The reduction of brain fog by Dihexa can be attributed to its overall enhancement of synaptic connectivity and neuroplasticity. Improved synaptic efficiency leads to clearer cognitive processing, allowing for quicker thinking and problem-solving, which directly combats the symptoms of brain fog. Additionally, the upregulation of BDNF and HGF contributes to a healthier neuronal environment, further clearing cognitive obscurities

Recovery Aid for Neurological Health: Dihexa's role in aiding recovery from neurological injuries such as strokes is particularly notable. It accelerates the process of neurogenesis and angiogenesis, which are critical for repairing brain damage and restoring function after a stroke. The peptide's ability to enhance HGF activity is key here, as HGF is known for its regenerative properties in neural tissues

Neuroinflammation Reduction: The reduction of neuroinflammation by Dihexa is another crucial therapeutic aspect. Neuroinflammation is a common underlying factor in many neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive disorders. Dihexa's modulation of HGF and BDNF not only supports neural growth and repair but also provides neuroprotective effects that reduce inflammation and the associated neurotoxicity. 

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