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Murdock London Face Scrub 100mL

Murdock London Face Scrub 100mL

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Take the rough with the smooth.

Face Scrub will keep your skin looking fresh and help prevent ingrown hairs, leaving you ready to fight another day.

Key actives include two types of exfoliating agent: Pumice Sand and Worlee beads jojoba snow white. Pumice is a natural alumino-silicate of volcanic origin recommended as a mild abrasive. Cold pressed Jojoba oil is filtered, bleached, hydrogenated and particle formed. This is also natural. This helps to exfoliate dead skin and reaches into all the small pores around your nose.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Please note that our Face Scrub tins are intentionally oversized to accomodate a lower fill level and avoid any risk of pumice leaking. As a result, your tin may appear to be less than full upon opening, despite being the correct unit of measurement.