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ATLAS Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil 750ml

ATLAS Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil 750ml

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It is historically proven that many evolved ancient civilizations such as Egyptians, Chinese and Sumerians, just to mention few, were accustomed to use food to care and prevent illnesses. Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicine had been mentioning food as a therapy for more than five thousand years. Historical documents testify how food benefits have healed humans for thousand years. Even Hippocrates, worldwide considered as the “father” of the western medicine, was saying «Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food». Until some decades ago, the food science was limiting itself to analyze the nutritional value of the food. Nowadays, new scientific researches have led to a bigger acknowledgement of the relationship between food and health by establishing what are the components with therapeutic properties.


Scientific researchers unanimously agreed on the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet because it’s well balanced and rich in beneficial substances such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, water, vitamins and mineral salts. There are a lot of food types in this diet, but extra virgin olive oil is the most important for sure because it’s naturally rich in good fatty acids and polyphenols. These latter are necessary to keep the body under good health conditions through their antioxidant properties that protect the body from the free radical damages.


Our body is constantly bombarded by free radicals existing in the environment: sun aggressive ultra-violets, ionizing radiation from the industry, passive or active smoking, automobile pollutions, etc. For example, upon breathing, we inhalate free radicals in the form of pollution. The cells in our body are then possibly damaged and could die by such chemical reactions. As a matter of fact, the free radicals can cause all sorts of deadly diseases such as cancer, leukemia, diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems, skin problems, etc. Needless to say, free radicals also speed up the aging process. This process is comparable to the metal oxidation. Once oxidized, aluminum turns to be white, iron becomes rusty, and copper transforms into green.
In the same logic that oxidation damages metals, free radicals are also harmful to your body. Of course, free radicals do not only come from the environment, they can also be produced by our body’s metabolism as a result of our diets. We need to take proactive actions to protect your body from free radicals. The solution to this problem are antioxidants commonly called polyphenols. OLIVIE has a high content of polyphenols that will help increase the body’s defense system. These antioxidants can neutralize and prevent free radical from damaging your body.


The polyphenol quantity and in particular the quantity of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol mainly depends on the growing conditions of the trees and in the way oil is extracted from its precious fruit, the olive. As everybody knows, an olive tree is like a vineyard, it needs to suffer to produce the best of itself. Because of the hot environment (up to 127 °F in summer), because of the the rocky soil where the roots cannot develop easily and due to the lack of water, the olive trees are so stressed that a phenomenon of panic (survival instinct) occurs. The survival instinct results in a huge increase in the polyphenols production inside olives, roots, buds, baby leaves and leaves. This abnormally high production of antioxidants is due to the phenomenon of self-defense. The olive oil produced from these stressed trees has a very high amount of hydroxytyrosol polyphenols.