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Apex Energetics Tributyrin-350 Active (K-132)

Apex Energetics Tributyrin-350 Active (K-132)

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Tributyrin 350™ Active was created based on cutting-edge research demonstrating the efficiency of oil-based butyrate.


  • Each softgel provides 350 mg tributyrin as CoreBiome®, a revolutionary, patent-pending compound consisting of butyric acid bound to glycerol
  • 3-4x more potent than sodium butyrate
  • Uses a high-quality, natural oil base
  • Prepared as an emulsion using MCT and sunflower oils for a more stable and potent delivery of tributyrin to both proximal and distal alimentary tract*
  • 90 softgels in every bottle
  • 31,500 mg of tributyrin in each bottle