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Finger Lakes' Harvest Sour Cherry Shrub 8oz

Finger Lakes' Harvest Sour Cherry Shrub 8oz

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Ingredients:whole sour cherries, organic apple cider vinegar, organic large crystal cane sugar & water

vegan · gluten free  · non GMO

Sour or tart cherries, used colloquially in the upstate as ‘sour’ cherries and ‘tart’ from downstate.  We don’t know why. Montmorency is our variety, grown in Wolcott NY. Processed only when fully ripe.  Montmorency is a cherry of French origin that arrived in NYS in the late 1890’s and in Michigan 10 years later.  

Tart cherry shrub….infinite uses with vodka, rum, light spirits, wine, water flavor  etc,  All to taste. We have, on good account, that many folks like to sip it straight or as a cordial. Blends well with other shrubs.  We have used it as a drizzle on pie, toast, and fresh fruit. Sour cherries were available in colonial days, and their shrubs were used as soaks on staling bread.  Drop some shrub or tonics into sparkling or mineral water… such a simple, dry refreshing treat.  

Our shrubs are made from fruit, sugar, apple cider vinegar and in one case, spices. Shrubs can be enjoyed straight, or used as a base for exquisite cocktails, gourmet soda, dressings, and inspirational components in entrees and sides.

One of the most common questions we get are relate to how to use shrub and what the difference is between our shrubs and tonics. Our tonics are simply fruit shrubs made with no organic large crystal cane sugar and a little more ACV. They are aged, but only for a month or so.  Tonics are meant to be drunk with liquids, esp water for full absorption.  However some of our more adventurous customers are using them like shrubs, and loving it.  Here are some ideas:

  • 2 tablespoons in 8 oz of water
  • teaspoon of tonics in mineral or tonic water over ice.
  • measure 1/2 ounce,  hold on tongue for 10 seconds, shoot it, follow with water.
  • freeze cubes, drop in tumbler with tonic water for slow uptake
  • meat cleanse: rub over meats before cooking.

Shrubs and their derivatives have been used for centuries to preserve flavor and nutrients. Arguably the reason shrubs became widespread in early England and colonial America was because of its use as a masking agent. When water went fetid or beer went sour, shrubs rescued them by erasing the unpleasant sour and rancid taste, and replacing it with a known fruit flavor.  The same was true for early rum whiskey and wine, which did the same thing.